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Madu Kelulut Lundu 230g Peladang Sarawak

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Brand: Peladang Sarawak
Net Weight: 230g

Stingless bees, or meliponines, reared in this area belong to the species Heterotrigona Itama, which is ideal for domestic honey production. Lundu stingless bee honey is black or reddish in colour, with a thick texture and a taste that is somewhat sweet and sharp. The bees are reared on the fringes of the forest reserve in the Lundu district, which is still well-protected. Lundu honey is collected according to an innovative method of using topping boxes. 

Lundu is a district located in the south-west of Kuching, Sarawak. Almost 80% of the inhabitants in this district are engaged in the agricultural industry.

Stingless honey bees usually nest in branches that contain holes. These branches are cut down to become bee logs, which are then brought to a bee nursery. Here, each log will be cut at the top and a topping box placed on it. Stingless bee honey matures in 16 days, which will be filled by the queen bee. The honey will be collected within 30 days. Subsequently, the honey will be processed using a double boil method at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees Celcius. 

Lundu stingless bee honey production is carried out on the fringes of the forest reserve where jungle trees serve as a source of food for Lundu stingless bees. In addition, the department of agriculture acts as a monitoring body to ensure that all guidelines are adhered to from beginning to end of the process. Through the double boil method, the quality of Lundu stingless bee honey is higher than stingless bee honey obtained using other processes elsewhere. Moreover, the production of Lundu stingless bee honey is already well-known throughout the state of Sarawak.

Madu tulen pilihan kami:

  • Anti-oksida
  • Anti kulat
  • Anti Radang
  • Anti Bakteria

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