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Kuih Sepit Lemantak Betong

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Brand: D'kalsom

Net Weight: 450g

Ingredients: Sago flour, coconut milk, nipah sugar and egg

Kuih Sepit Sarawak, also known as Apit-Apit, Kuih Kapit, Kuih Semprong, Kuih Sapit, Kuih Gulong, Kuih Belanda and Rokok Arab is a type of traditional Sarawakian cakes.

History and origins
Kuih Sepit Sarawak has been made since ages ago and they are available in many countries such as Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Kuih Sepit Sarawak or Apit-Apit shows the colonial connection between Indonesia and the Netherlands, as is commonly found in most large cities in Indonesia. It is believed to come from Dutch egg bread wafers. The Netherlands has a wide variety of biscuits including thin wafer biscuits similar to Kuih Sepit Sarawak/ Apit-Apit. Many techniques have been passed down cookies and cakes to the Malays by the Dutch, English, and Portuguese. These biscuits may have been brought to parts of Malaysia and Singapore from Penang and Melaka by Peranakan Chinese who, without knowing the name of the Dutch snack they encountered, simply called it Kuih Belanda or Apit-Apit. Somehow, it has become the traditional cake for the Sarawakian Malay community which is locally known as Kuih Sepit Sarawak baked in a triangle shape, and the traditional way of baking it has been passed down for generations.
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