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Kenyalang Immuno

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Net weight: 200g
Brand: Kenyalang
Ingredients: Sarawak premium rice (highland bario brown rice, highland red rice, highland black rice, bajong purple rice, unpolised brown rice, organic millet), apple powder, purple potato powder, tomato powder, blueberry extract and prebiotic (GOS & FOS).

Immuno instant baby porridge is made from selected premium heirloom rice from highlands and remote villages in Sarawak, Borneo. Bario Adan brown rice, red rice and black rice are cultivated by the Kelabit and Lun Bawang communities from Bario ad Ba'kelalan Highlands respectively. The rices are produced at a very natural, clean and cool environment, 1000m above sea level, using traditional planting methods. The popular Bajong purple rice cultivated by the Iban communities from Lubok Nibong is proven to have high anti-oxidant from the anthocyanin derived from its natural colored rice bran. Both Bario and Bajong rice are certified with Geographical Indication of Sarawak. Natural brown rice and organic millets are added to provide a balance healthy meal for your baby. Immuno is formulated with purple potato, apple, tomato, blueberry extract, prebiotic(GOS and FOS) for strong healthy babies.

- 100% derived from Natural Sources
- No artificial Flavours, coloring or additives
- Apple, purple potato, tomato and blueberry are essential in boosting your baby's immune system

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