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Kacangma Paste

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Gross Weight : 150gm
Brand : KinaKarar
Ingredient : Bentong Ginger, Local Ginger, Modified Starch, Chinese Motherwort (Leonurus Sibiricus), Salt, Chicken Stock, Monosodium Glutamate, Permitted Preservative.

An Uniquely Sarawakian Confinement Dish–Motherwort Chicken or Kacangma (益母草姜酒鸡)is very popular in Sarawak. Originally popular among the Chinese, it is gaining traction in other communities as well. Some Hakka families also serve kacangma during Chinese New Year. Dayu’s take on this dish uses langkau instead of Hakka sweet wine, which is the traditional alcohol of choice. Langkau adds a stronger alcohol flavour, heightening the bitter notes in the dish.

Suggested Serving:

1 packet paste : 500g to 700g chicken : 200-300ml water.

1) Stir chicken meat until shrink and yellowish.
2) Pour water into a pot and let it boil together with chicken meat.
3) Add in Kinakarar Kacangma Paste into the pot and slow the flame and put the pot lid on. Let it cook until soft and tender.
(Steaming method also can be use especially if local bred chicken meat were use)

Note: Rice wine, salt and other ingredients maybe added to taste

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