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Pure White Pepper Sarawak

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 Net Weight: 40g

Sarawak Creamy White Pepper (CWP) is a premium quality pepper which is produced through a natural without using any preservatives or additives with the followings process:

  1. Fully matured pepper berries are hand-harvested and carefully selected.
  2.  The selected berries are soaked in tanks with piped running mountain water under controlled conditions to remove the pericarp. CWP can also be produced by soaking the matured berries in clean and clear running mountain streams.
  3. The constant monitoring of water circulation produces uniformly high-quality CWP. This process also allows the CWP to acquire distinctive aromas and flavours.

CWP is greatly sought after by domestic and international end-consumers as well as importers, especially those in the food and hospitality industry in the US, Japan, China and Singapore. CWP fetches a huge premium, almost 2.5 times more than standard white pepper. 

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