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Ba'kelalan Organic Natural Spring Salt

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Net Weight: 150g

Ba’Kelalan Salt, is an organic salt produce from the salt spring. Content natural Iodine and no micro plastics.  

Ba’Kelalan Salt is used traditionally by the locals for cooking and it’s medicinal value.  

An overview of Ba Kelalan

Ba Kelalan is home to about 1,000 Lun Bawang tribes at an altitude of 1,500 feet above sea level. Ba Kelalan is commonly described as "Swiss Alps". Its rain forest covered mountains are forever green and inviting.


Residents in Ba Kelalang believed that their natural salt, “Tuchuk Lun Bawang” has its own nutritious value.  It is a healthy type of salt that when consumed would strengthen the knee joints. It has been processed by the Lun Bawang folks in Ba Kelalan , particularly in the vicinity of Kunap and Muda rivers located near the Sarawak Kalimantan border.

The villagers worked together as a team to look for the salt by digging up wells near both rivers and returning to their settlement with water taken from these wells. The water would then be boiled in two hugh containers. One container is for the liquid salt and the other container is used to dry the semi-solid salt. The salt water will be boiled for at least 10 hours until it is dry and the salt is produced. The salt is then wrapped in bamboo leaves . The salt is hardened into slabs and wrapped in ilat leaves and the wrappings are tight to make the salt last longer. 

Tuchuk salt can be used as a food additive by scraping the salt from the solid blocks.

These “Tuchuk Lu Bawang” salt has been there for more than 100 years and it is now being sought after by people from the Chinese community who use it for medicinal purposes especially from Brunei and Sabah.


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